Volunteer Vaccinator

With just a little of your time, be on the front line of delivering vaccinations that save lives and restore your community.

Volunteer Vaccinator

Are you going to be part of the fight against COVID-19? Would you like to be trained to deliver safe and effective injections of a life-saving vaccine? Do you want to be part of the story of how we beat the pandemic? Then you're ready to pursue the role of Volunteer Vaccinator with St John Ambulance. 

The role

This role is an opportunity to help St John Ambulance and the NHS support our communities against a pandemic that is affecting each and every one of us. In this role you will volunteer in your community, administering vital vaccines with care and compassion. By volunteering you will play a crucial part in transforming our current way of life and returning the world into a safer place.

Please note - to meet NHS requirements, you must have at least 2 A Levels, or the equivalent, or higher to pursue this role. We have plenty of other roles, which do not have educational requirements.

Training and time commitment

The training and support we will provide for you is as follows:

  • Welcome programme introducing you to the project & wider charity
  • Training in appropriate SJA policies
  • Digital and in-person training from St John and the NHS, giving you all the skills needed to vaccinate effectively and safely
  • A line manager and virtual unit for your ongoing support.

Expected Time Commitment

Ideally at least 2 shifts per month (average shift 8 hours) 

"One of the most wonderful parts of this experience has been connecting with individuals from all different walks of life – and seeing them come together to achieve one goal has been phenomenal. It goes to show what we can do when united together. And it's this positive impact that makes volunteering better and better each time."

- Madheea, Vaccination Volunteer

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Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to help save lives in your community, we’d love you to join our team. Whatever you enjoy doing, and however much time you can commit, there’s a volunteer role for you.