Get started

Our new and improved recruitment process is all about giving you the fastest and most supportive journey from where you are, to where you want to be with us. If you haven’t joined St John as a volunteer yet, we’ll meet with you (virtually) to discuss volunteering and get you started. If you’re already a part of St John, your journey to your new role will be even quicker and easier.

How To Begin

Find a role from our opportunities page by clicking here. Read the information given to make sure it will suit you. 

Or, you may be interested in specialist and leadership roles.

Once you select your role, you will complete a brief registration that gives us your details, and confirms you meet the minimum criteria. 



If you're not yet part of St John, you'll first have an interview with our Welcome Team.


Once you are part of St John, you'll be able to start pursuing a role.


After you've successfully been given a role, you will start training and then volunteering!


If you are not already a part of St John, after registration you will be invited to book and attend a Welcome Interview. We’ll be covering the following subjects: 

  • Telling us about yourself, who you are and what you’re passionate about  
  • Why you want to be a part of St John Ambulance  
  • What you think might be expected of you as a volunteer, and what you would expect from St John  
  • Volunteering alongside young people in St John  
  • Our HEART values 
  • Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (or EDI)  
  • How you like to be supported as a volunteer
  • Our values and culture are really important to us, so please use the information on this website to familiarise yourself with them before your interview.

With the recommendation of the Welcome Team, you will now be a St John volunteer! You can now move to Pathfinder and start pursuing your role. 


When we have confirmed you are a St John volunteer, you will get an email asking you to share more details about you and the role you want to pursue. 

Pathfinder works differently for different roles. When you select a role on this site, you can see which of the following applies: 

  • You may just need to meet the minimum criteria (e.g. First Aider) 
  • You may be asked to complete a personal statement (e.g. Hospital Care Volunteer) – you can ask for help to write this, if you like 
  • You may be asked to a role-specific interview (e.g. Youth Leader) 
  • You may be asked to complete a personal statement and then attend a selection event
  • Selection events are only for roles that have a big physical element or high complexity, like Ambulance Crew or Community First Responder. Selection events help us make sure you are comfortable with the physical requirements and fully understand the role 

Once we have decided to recruit you in your chosen role, we will start to check things like references, a DBS check, and your occupational health. If you are already known to St John, we will re-use existing screening wherever possible. 

When this is complete, you will be introduced to your local volunteer support and leaders, including your new local Unit, and you will be able to begin training. 


You will begin with your role training. The time this takes varies between roles, so please read the information on the role you are interested in to find out more. 

All volunteers need to complete a minimum amount of online training, covering things like Safeguarding and GDPR. If you are new to St John, or joined us during the vaccination programme, you will also be invited to a local Welcome Event to find out more about volunteering at St John Ambulance and meet more volunteers from your area. 

Once you have finished and passed your training, you will be able to begin volunteering! You will receive support from other volunteers as you get started, so you can go at a pace that suits you. 

Ending Your Journey

If you decide, at any point, that the role you have chosen is not for you, you will be welcome to choose and pursue a different one. Or, if you’d prefer to end your journey altogether, you only need to let us know. 

If we decide that we cannot accept you as a volunteer or cannot accept you in a specific role, we will always be upfront with you about our reasons and offer any feedback that may help you pursue other opportunities in the future, with St John Ambulance or elsewhere. 

We have a continuous improvement culture and are always open to hearing your feedback, positive and constructive, about your journey in to volunteering. This helps us make improvements to similar journeys in the future. Please contact us by clicking here if you have anything to share. 

Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to help save lives in your community, we’d love you to join our team. Whatever you enjoy doing, and however much time you can commit, there’s a volunteer role for you.