Being part of St John

Ask us about the experience and benefits of volunteering

How does volunteering at St John benefit me?

  • Use first aid – we'll teach you all the skills you need to perform your chosen role, from how to project manage to treating people in cardiac arrest, spotting safeguarding concerns or conducting an interview. Volunteering experience is invaluable, and it also looks great on your CV
  • Experience a inclusive community – volunteering enables you to meet new people, be part of the action and attend events you may not otherwise have access to. Perhaps football is your thing, or cricket, firework displays, the theatre, dog shows, small local community fetes or the buzz of the London Marathon
  • Supportive network – St John units meet every week and are a supportive and inclusive environment to build your skills. If ever you find yourself experiencing some life challenges, we have a range of support options and resources to make sure all our people get the confidential wellbeing help they need
  • No need for modesty – volunteering is an amazing hobby to have. It increases your confidence, self-esteem and helps you feel proud of the achievements and difference you can make, while giving your mental health a boost
  • Fill that spare time – you may have a spare evening each week after work, one free day a month or perhaps you just want to be on the books for when you're called upon. St John offers flexible opportunities which can work around you and your schedule
  • Be part of something great – St John is a historical organisation with an impressively long and diverse heritage of helping people for over 140 years.

How does me volunteering benefit St John?

  • St John welcomes people with a passion for helping people in a expert way
  • First aid saves lives is our charity purpose – we want to help as many people as possible up and down the nation to gain the skills that help them save lives where they live and work
  • Be involved in what’s next – becoming one of the leading youth charities, continuing to support the NHS to respond to COVID-19 and train even more people how to save lives using first aid. 

How does me volunteering benefit my local community?

  • Regardless of the role you choose, every person in St John contributes to helping local communities. Choosing a first aid or care type role may mean you are helping your local A&E department, care home or relieving pressures on your local NHS through driving an ambulance or helping vaccinate the nation against winter flu and COVID-19
  • If first aid isn't your thing, choose one of our many other roles. You could be managing a team to ensure local volunteers receive a great experience, setting up the radio communication system to enable our first aiders to access patients at community events, or in a logistics role ensuring ambulances have the equipment they need to treat patients
  • You could also be a youth leader, inspiring our young people to save lives using first aid. This year marks our 100th anniversary of training young people and giving them the confidence to save lives.

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Volunteering Opportunities

If you want to help save lives in your community, we’d love you to join our team. Whatever you enjoy doing, and however much time you can commit, there’s a volunteer role for you.